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Item No. Item Name Shot Count Packing Case CBM (m3) Description
2017 New Products
M1054 CHAOS STORM 24 6/1 0.088 You get a chaotic storm of red, white and blue in this multi layered and multi effect cake. Perfect for a patriotic 4th.
M1056 PERFECT SUMMER 20 3/1 0.070 Enjoy your perfect summer with these beautiful breaks of colored stars and lots of horse tails with a nice time rain finish!
M1057 NIGHT HUNTER 39 3/1 0.074 Light up the night with this neon colored cake with mines and big breaks including a crackling willow ending!
M1058 VROOM VROOM 23 3/1 0.073 Get your party started with vroom vroom! Sure to please with its crackling mine and crackling ball effects in this fan cake.
M1059 DIAMOND SKY 22 4/1 0.065 Beautiful strobes fill the sky just like twinkling diamonds! You also get multi colors and a 3 shot ending.
M1060 OFF THE WALL 12 4/1 0.059 This cake gives you giant palm trees with red strobes to brocades to an all purple peony ending with crackling time rain. 12 shots of fun!
M1061 SHADOW DANCE 27 3/1 0.069 With beautiful brocades and multi colored dahlia effects throughout you are sure to make shadows dance! Finished off with a 3 shot finale of brocades with red and green strobes.
M1062 3-2-1 BOOM! 15 4/1 0.095 Filled with vibrant colors of purple, yellow and blue this cake is sure to be a crowd pleaser! Finishes with a 3 shot finale of brocade crown with red and silver strobes with blue stars.
M1063 SPIRIT FIRE 106 2/1 0.065 A zipper cake with spirit! Zig zag effects throughout with gold tails up and red/green strobes. With a palm tree and crackling red strobe mine ending. 
M1064 GONE MAD 63 4/1 0.074 63 shots of constant breaks along with comets and whistlers, it's gone mad! You are sure to have a great show with this cake! 
M1517 MAJESTIC AMERICAN STROBE 9 2/1 0.097 Make your fireworks show majestic with this patriotic finale. With red, white and blue effects and a big 3 shot  R/W/B finale WOW!
M1515 SILVER LINING 9 2/1 0.097 The silver lining of this finale is it's gorgeous 2 color breaks(split down the middle) that finish with a silver strobe. A unique combination effect, sure to be a crowd pleaser and be perfect for any show.
M1516 BROCADE KINGDOM 9 2/1 0.097 If you like brocade crown effects this is the finale for you! With 9 big shots including a huge 3 shot finale with crackling flower finish.
M1622 SEISMIC SHOCK 22 8/1 0.057 Shock the sky and your friends! This cake has red, white and blue colors perfect for the 4th of July and a multi shot brocade crown end!
M1623 PHENOM 14 8/1 0.057 Strobes and colors galore! Phenom delivers excellent color variety and performance throughout with a 3 shot colorful finish.
M1624 ROCK THE KASBAH 16 8/1 0.079 Sharif does like it! Rock the Kasbah delivers with palm trees, strobes, willows and 4 shot finale of cracking mine & time rain.
M1065 VENDETTA 7 2/7 0.076 4 pieces #5000 single tubes and 3 pieces #3000 single tubes packed into a handle box.
M9501 CANNON FIRE 195 12/1 0.080 From the screaming start to crackling comet finish. Cannon Fire entertains throughout with its colors and effects.
M3025 ZODIAC ZOO 12 CUTE ZODIAC 8/12 0.038 It's a zoo in here! Perfect for kids and adults alike to enjoy!
M7008 SPEED RACER   36/1 0.038 A funny speed racer runs with flames and whistles then spins his wheel on the top and finalize with a red torch tail.
M3022 BEST PICKS 4x9 1/4 0.070 Assorted Case with 4 great top items: Time to Honor M1001, Lucky One M1002,  Pyro Envy M1041 & Own It M1042.  Our BEST of BEST!!!
M3023 HOME OF FREEDOM 16 Items 1/16 0.045 This freedom kit contains 9 pieces of  great 200 gram cakes, 4 fountains, 1 missile,1 pack of punks and 1 box of artillery shell for your whole family enjoyment! 
M5012 TROPICAL COLORS   12/1 0.047 Lots of tropical colors in this designer fountain. Perfect for the color lovers in the family!
M5013 BIG BELLY   12/1 0.035 Small size BIG performance. Big Belly gives you multi colors and a crackling finish. This fountain brings good luck!
M5014 SLEEPLESS NITE   12/1 0.039 Sleepless Nite is sure to keep you and your family awake and entertained! With multi colors and lots of crackling effects! 
M5015 MOONSOON JUNGLE   72/1 0.036 Through this Moonsoon you get a small fountain that delivers big performance. More bang for your buck.
M5016 ROLLING LOTUS   12/1 0.070 Keep on rolling! Rolling lotus delivers awesome fountain effects then spins on the ground and emits sparks then stops and finishes with red and crackling pine!
M6001 CRACKLING AMERISPARK 14"   18/12/6 0.025 14" crackling sparklers that deliver excellent performance.
M6002 CRACKLING AMERISPARK 18"   18/12/4 0.033 18"  crackling sparklers that deliver steller performance.
M6006 GLOW IN THE DARK 20"   2/50/5 0.038 Are you afraid of the dark? These sparklers will keep you in the neon colored light.
M6007 KICKSTART MY HEART   50/2 0.026 Show your love with this unique heart shaped sparkler. 
M1040 NEON JUNGLE 9 4/1 0.078 Join the "Rumble in the Jungle" with these neon tropical color breaks of aqua blue, eye popping neon yellow to green grass BIG BOLD peony breaks. 3 Shot WOW finale.
M1041 PYRO ENVY 9 4/1 0.070 Be the envy of all your friends and neighbors with this powerful performance NOAB finale ending for your show.
M1042 OWN IT 9 4/1 0.070 You really have to "own it" and get this heavy hitting high performance 500 gram cake into your show. Wow the crowds with this stunning visual show in a box.
M1043 SPOT THE DIF 25 4/1 0.060 You will definitely be able to "spot the dif" as this cake stands out as EXTRAORDINARY not ordinary.
M1044 STONED TO THE BONE 16 4/1 0.076 Get high with Stoned to the Bone. Whatever you do dude, add this to your must buy list.
M1045 FIRESTORM 16 4/1 0.051 The name says it all. FIRESTORM is a Shitstorm of fast acting pyro activity.
M1046 STEALING THE SPOTLIGHT 23 3/1 0.092 Ready, Aim, Shoot out the lights at night. You will make your every shot count with this precisely executed fan cake that will "steal the spotlight" away from others.
M1047 EAT, DRINK, SHOOT 16 4/1 0.080 What else is there in life? Enjoy the moment with EAT, DRINK and SHOOT. Certainly 3 of our fav things to do in life.
M1049 NEVER SATISFIED 49 4/1 0.084 Never Satisfied will deliver and leave you satisfied. Yes it shoots high to deliver that WOW.
M1050 #3000 TUBE 1 24/1 0.079 Blast it over the roof and tree tops for a high spread of color break.
M1051 #5000 TUBE 1 18/1 0.089 Dream big with these bold impressive new designer shell breaks.
M1052 1 MIN MORE 48 4/1 0.057 Got a minute? You will not regret spending a full 60 seconds watching this show in a box cake.
M1053 SUMMER COCKTAIL 25 4/1 0.070 A cup of fresh cold Summer Cocktail now rocks your party! Very cool crackling bouquet up break to fresh neon strobes in full sky!
M1001 TIME TO HONOR 9 4/1 0.070 Our best seller! Beautiful blue bouquet up to gold palm tree with colorful pistil. 3 shots finale with crackling mine. Solid and consisitent!
M1002 LUCKY ONE 9 4/1 0.070 Our best seller! Want more colors paint your sky? Colors of sea-blue, lemon in bouquet,sea-blue, lemon, pink, yellow, purple and green in peonies, all in Lucky One. Huge and poweful!
M1007 ROCK N SOUL 16 4/1 0.080 Gold willow, red strobe willow, gold palm tree, and silver strobe willow. A cool cake you can rock tonight!
M1010 THE MIRACLE 17 3/1 0.093 One blue age cake shows one mystical performance! Giant brocade palm trees with blue tips, brocade palm mines to blue peonies, as pure color as your blue!
M1011 GHOST TRAIN 17 3/1 0.080 Ghost Train is so exciting! Huge silver comets, gold strobe comets coming, panoramic view of plam tree and red silver strobe. End with full sky of brocade crowns falling!
M1013 HOT STUFF 26 4/1 0.080 One red red world cake! Red mine, red tail, red strobe, red wave, red chry., red willow, what a bright red night sky!
M1014 PYRO TECHNICOLOR 25 4/1 0.114 Plenty of pryo technicolors in this cake! Check the red, white, blue, purple, green, lemon and sea-blue. One fantasitic cake now you meet!
M1015 AMERICAN HONEY 25 4/1 0.089 This is one sweet American Honey cake for July 4th show! Gorgeous display with giant comets and colorful breaks. Big V and W angle fireworks view is incrediable and spectacular!
M1016 STALLION 9 2/1 0.052 Very unique crackling willows with colorful tips and pistils following down from night sky! How about think of stallion's horsehair?
M1018 GOOD AS GOLD 9 3/1 0.074 Our best pro rack! Magnus says. All good gold brocade crowns painting nightsky with heavy loud bangs!
M1020 WORLD BIGGEST FLOWER 25 2/1 0.066 This cake paints a world's biggest flower in the night sky! Beautiful multi-color stars, wide angle opening breaks, what a pretty flower!
M1024 AMAZING PYRO 228 2/1 0.074 Pyro is amazing! Magnus is proud of presenting this amazing zigzag cake! R/W/B tails to chry by waving pacing then wonderful peacock opening. End with great breaks of time rain!
M1025 SECOND TO NONE 168 1/1 0.035 Celebrate July 4th backyard? This R/W/B zigzag cake is Second to None! Waving red, white and blue tails and breaking peonies! End with noisy whistles!
M1026 OUR PRESIDENTS (A/B/C/D) 16 2/4 0.052 Our 4 great presidents performs a massive display tonight! Remember the marvelous contribution they achieved for our nation!                    
M1027 RUNWAY SHOW 35 3/1 0.074 Special designed cake performed with fan silver whirling tail and stright shoot blue peony. One wonderful runway show in the night sky!
M1028 CHAOS WAR 25 4/1 0.117 Noisy double levels fan cake! All noisy time rain bouquet up break to palm tree with strobe! Big finale of giant crackling flowers! 
M1029 19TH HOLE 19 4/1 0.071 Super pure and bright blue color cake! Fan angle shooting as strobe williow at both sides and giant blue peony in the middle. A dreamy display!
M1030 TRUE LEGEND 12 4/1 0.066 Our best seller! Big red and pure blue peony with white strobe. Lemon and purple peony with big time rain! One true legend cake now you can find! 
M1031 BAPTISM OF FIRE 25 4/1 0.062 One fan colorful cake with red, blue bouquet and brocode crown horsetail. Red and blue brocade finale!
M1033 CATCHING FIRE 12 4/1 0.066 Our best seller! This cake performs blue bouquet with breaking red plam tree with blue star pistil. Silver bouquet with breaking gold willow with white strobe pistil. A R/W/B finale!
M1034 STROKER ACE 30 4/1 0.149 Purple and green are great partners in this cake! Bright green and purple bouquet up break to purple and green peony with strobe!  
M1035 AMERICAN DREAM 25 4/1 0.140 An American true colors are designed in this cake. Double levels performance: R/W/B with time rain bouquet in ground level and R/W/B peony with silver strobe in the sky! 
M1036 ACE IN THE HOLE 16 4/1 0.070 We need more bright colors and strobe because we want to light up the night sky! Now, ace in the hole!
M1037 SCARE PRANK 16 4/1 0.064 This funny cake has a crackling flower bouquet then break silver wave with colorful pearls in the sky!  4 shots finale!
M1038 BLAZE A TRAIL 25 4/1 0.054 This angle display cake shows a fantastic blue bouquet with crackle then break strobe peonies in the sky. A massive finale with red strobe and crackling willow!
M1039 MAD AS HELL 46 3/1 0.040 Looking for the noisy funny puppy? Here this cute swinging cake is! 46 shots of Mad noisy as hell including silver whirling tail, whistle tail, crackling comet and big crackle palm tree breaks at the end!
M1503    DOUBLE OR NOTHING 9 2/1 0.077 One super bang shell rack from Magnus! Huge peonies with crackling chry. with 3 shots of grand brocade crown finale!
M1504 DEMON HUNTER 9 2/1 0.090 Demon Hunter brings incredible fireworks! Powerful heavy break of colorful tips palm tree with red strobe pistil every shot!  One pro-rack you can trust on!
M1505 MILLIONAIRES' CLUB 9 2/1 0.110 New update effects! Your backyard is just your club! Look at this rack, opening with huge gold brocade to strobe and gold willow. 3 shots pro-finale! 
M1510 SHINE ON 9 2/1 0.102 OMG, what you dream of is here to view and enjoy for your show's ending.
M1511 TEXAS TOASTED 7 2/1 0.106 "GO BIG OR GO HOME" takes a new meaning with Texas Toasted.
M1512 HEART OF GOLD 11 2/1 0.101 Heart of Gold is a breath taking drop dead gorgeous performer. Sure to please a picky pyro.
M1513 PYRO FUEL 9 2/1 0.123 Pyro Fuel pores on the heat and blasts your show to another level of octane performance.
M1514 HOLY $#*! 8 2/1 0.124 Holy Moley, Holy Batman, Holy $#+! ,whatever words spill out of your lips it will be some insane expression of joy for being smart shopper and putting this one of a kind rack into your show.
M1616  CONTAGIOUS 50 12/1 0.051 Contagious can be bad ass addition as it gives you one heck of a show filled with twisting and crackling tails up to time rain crackle.
M1617 SHOW ME 10 12/1 0.056 You do not have to be from Missouri, to enjoy SHOW ME.  You will want to see the lemon,seablue and orange in this beauty.
M1619 ANTE IN 16 24/1 0.059 A 16 shot tiny cake performs big breaks! You will see the brocade crown with blue and gold, red and silver crackling flower.
M1620 GOODY GOODY 25 16/1 0.040 The strobes are twinkling all the way in this 25 shots cake. Slver, gold and green strobe with colorful pearls.
M1621 T.M.I 25 12/1 0.036 T.M.I is loaded in this 25 shots cake! Big chrysanthemum changes to red, green, blue alternately and end with a huge time rain finale!
M1602  BOMBONUS 10 12/1 0.040 Great breaks of crackling tail to willow with strobe, brocade crown with time rain. Finale with 3 shots of crackling tail to time rain chry.
M1603 DANGER DAYS 12 12/1 0.037 Strong breaks of colorful tails to colorful palm tree with strobe! 3 shots finale!
M1604 BELLA BELLA ITALIA 16 12/1 0.037 Crackling tail up into sky then break to silver wave with time rain. It runs everybody excited and breathless!
M1605 LET'S ROLL 12 18/1 0.035 A really cute rolling cake performed with silver whirling tail up break to cracking willow! Go excited tonight!
M1606 BLUE HEAVEN 10 12/1 0.056 Very noisy time rain mine then break to time rain with blue pearls! Enjoy the noisy  blue heaven cake!
M1608 TOP SECRET 25 12/1 0.074 One mini fan cake with double stages of effects! Wide angle display with colorful bouquet at the ground level and time rain peony in the sky. 
M1609 RAGING MAD 7 48/1 0.039 One really cute baby cake but with powerful raging mad effects! Very noise crackling bouquet with red and blue stars!
M1610     ROBOT AGE 10 12/1 0.056 10 Shots--Peach and green peony with silver strobe. Gold palm tree with blue star pistil. Big breaks with bright-coloured flowers!
M1611 SPACEWALKING 16 16/1 0.042 16 Shots--great brocade crown along with colorful star tips. 4 shots finale!
M1612 TSUNAMI WARNING 16 16/1 0.042 16 Shots--awesome palm tree along with colorful star tips. 4 shots finale!
M1613 NEON GREEN 10 12/1 0.056 Impressive neon green color you never seen in this cake! Green strobe and neon green dahlia presents a dreamy night!
M1614 MIDNIGHT RUN 16 16/1 0.041 Really cool effect of silver chasing comet then break to colorful peonies every shot! 
M8001 INCREDIBALLS 6 12/6 0.064 Updated new designed box contains 6 powerful big break balls!
M8002 APPBALLS 12 12/12 0.087 12 fashionable balls could be your funny discoveries of 12 different effects by "Appballs" 
M8003 CRACK OF DOOM 12 8/12 0.106 Magnus carries 12 cool canister shells loaded with classic fireworks bangs in this kit!
M8004 MYSTIC WARRIOR 12 6/12 0.078 Double mystical breaks salute by "Mystical Warrior"!  12 shots present 24 awesome bangs!
M8005 MADE BY ALIEN 12 6/2/6 0.102 How do Aliens think of making shells in their bold-elliptical heads?Check their megamind and megabreak in space. 
M8006 GHOST KILLER 24 4/4/6 0.092 24 skull canister shells are loaded in black "Ghost Killer" kit! Be careful on the 24 heavy hits with 24 unique performanc tonight!
M8008 GOLD BULLET 24 6/2/12 0.071 Magnus strongly recommends powerful 30 grams canister shells! 24 awesome canister shells in one kit with 2 strong fiberglass launchers! 
M8007 SALUTE TO THE UNION  60 1/1 0.080 The jumbo "Salute to the Union" artillery shell assortment distributes a grand finale show this 4th of July! It carries 60 shots with awesome 112 breaks!
M8009    MAGNUM BLAST(1") 6 24/6 0.030 1 inch mini artillery shells with magnum blast! 
M8010 TOUCH OF EVIL 6 9/6 0.092 Evil is as Evil does..it is Evil.
M8012 ALL AMERICAN  ART. SHELL PACK 3*6 4/3/6 0.067 3 boxes of great artillery shells packed into one USA map kit.
M8013 MAGNUS    INDEPENDENCE-LIBERTY ART. SHELL 2*12 6/2/12 0.128 Beautiful 12 balls with awesome breaks each box. 2 designed colorful boxes and 6 boxes each assorted in one case. 
M8015 VAVOOM! 6 12/6 0.123 Vavoom..race to be the first to try out this hot item.
M8014 NEVER HAVE I EVER 6 9/6 0.061 …Seen anything like this before! GOOSE EGG is a good thing in this box of artillery shells.
M8016 UNLEASH THE CHAOS 6 9/6 0.092 An old classic item, being redesigned for maximum enjoyment.
M8018 GHOST KILLER MINI 6 9/6 0.068 Good things come in small packages. Fun!
M8019 BAD ASSES 18 4/3/6 0.093 BAD ASS is BAD ASS. BUY it and become a BAD ASS Shooter.
M8020 COLORS OF THE WORLD 24 4/4/6 0.096 Colors of the World Paint the sky with national pride. The vivid colors from different nations on 24 shells can light up the night with your worldly pride!
M2003 5 POINTS   18/4 0.054 Solid 5 points rocket! Changing color effect on every point! Red to green, Purple to white, red to blue, green to red, green to red! 100% pattern viewable!
M2004   ZERO TO HERO   18/5 0.063 Unique COLOR RING CHANGING TO CRACKLING RING break rocket pack. Impressive!
M2005 SKY MONSTER   16/5 0.076 High performance, High Flying, 5 different effects= variety for all.
M2006 SPIDER GAME   18/5 0.067 A tricky spider game rocket with special pattern effect of crackling willow ring and giant crackling ring! Enjoy this game tonight!
M3001 AMERICAN SOUL   3/1 0.094 "American Soul" is loaded by all great multishots and popular artillery shells which can be display for one family fireworks finale! 
M3004 MAGIC HOUR   6/1 0.061 One cute tray could offer you Magic Hour with less bucks!
M3005 PERFECT TIME   6/1 0.097 This medium tray is wonderful for spending your "Perfect Time".
M3006 AMERICAN PROUD   2/1 0.078 Wow, "American Proud" is one magnificent fireworks assortment packed with more than 10 types of fireworks!
M3007 4TH OF JULY REVELRY   8/1 0.086 One mini Safe and Sane tray for kids!
M3008 FAMILY FIRST   4/1 0.079 Family is first, safe and sane is fantastic!
M3010 OOH-LA-LA!   18/1 0.072 One kid's funny bag you can have!
M3011 HERE IT IS, DADDY!  (Backpack )   12/1 0.061 All small funny items in this cool backpack. One great gift from Daddy.
M3012 STARLIGHT GLORY   18/1 0.059 Beautiful morning glory with shining packaging!
M3015 MY LITTLE CUTE    (Bucket)   12/1 0.068 Every kid loves to own one little cute! This safe and sane bucket assortment offers various fireworks products for kid's fun!
M3016 ROCK RADIO   6/1 0.064 This cool handbag is loaded with all types of fireworks: cakes, fountains, sparklers, roman candles,ground blooms, smoke balls, snappers, firecrackers and tank!
M3017 TRICK NOISEMAKER ASST.   48/1 0.039 Fantastic tiny bag with snappers and party poppers!
M3020 POKEMON   6/1 0.047 The whole family will enjoy watching the items in Pokermon.
M3024 BEST FUN KIDS PACK   36/1 0.053 Fantasitic tiny bag with snappers, sparkler and party poppers! Best fun pack for kids.
M3018 SUPERCELEBRITIZATION   1/1 0.138 A huge kit with 4-1/2 feet tall included with plenty of 200 gram cakes and artillery shells!  
M3021 PARTY GOING ON   1/1 0.218 Party not only going on but going down and up with this Jumbo assortment.
M5001 FLOWER DANCE   72/1 0.064 Small stature, big performance! Flower dance fountain performs silver chry.with blue & red, laser cracklers and finale with giant pop cracker flower!
M5002 DARE TO DREAM   60/1 0.063 Big gold crackling with multi-color pearls, cute strobe cracker flower, purple and neon special colors, all in this one!
M5003 MAGNIFICENT MOMENT   60/1 0.067 Very special new effect: red and green fireflies!Along with pine needle cracker, popcorn flower, giant titanium flower.
M5004 TOO MUCH HEAVEN   30/1 0.046 This dreamy fountain creates silver chry. with multi-color pearls, pine needle flower, laser cracker, titanium flower and finale with huge brusting cracking flower!
M5005 MYSTIC MIND   12/1 0.035 One great fountain with gold crackler with multi-color pearls, laser crackers, big noisy crackling flower.
M5006 THE LOST ALIEN   6/1 0.059 Here is one lost alien's head fireworks! Really cute performance with lenom green pearl with chry. Crackler, gold bursting flower with color pearls, then he performs radio wave cracker flower and giant V angle burst crackling flower. Finally, alien blinks his mystic eyes in the darkness!
M5007 CALL ME MAYBE   24/1 0.056 One unbelievable fireworks cell phone! Now call me by igniting the fuse on the antenna mast. While the whistle starts, it performs lenom green pearls, silver chry., gold crackler, titanum flower, giant bursting crackling flower! Oh my, you even forgot to dial numbers, see, the numbers showing for you in the finale!
M5008 LOST IN PARADISE   12/1 0.067 Impressive red flash petals dancing in the darkness lead you lost in paradise! A dreamy fountain with brand new special colors! 
M5010 ONE LAST MINUTE   12/1 0.027 One Last Minute delivers as promised, Red, Blue and Silver Stars to purple, green…
M5011 SHOOTING HAND   12/3 0.049 Beware, this belongs in a bucket not your hand.
M5501 GIRL ON FIRE   6/1 0.093 Bring on the heat with Girl on Fire as she is a showcase of beauty. 500 gram fountain.
M4001 TOPGUN CANDLE 5 18/4 0.031 5 shots---Burst into red and green peony.
M4002 BIG SHOT CANDLE 5 18/4 0.031 5 shots---Crackling comet.
M4003 BLUE BLOOD CANDLE 5 18/4 0.031 5 shots---Burst into silver strobe and blue peony.
M4004 GIANT TYPHOON CANDLE 5 18/4 0.031 5 shots---Giant silver spinning flower.
M4005 ACROSS THE STATES ROMAN CANDLE 8x5 8/8 0.038 One great selected roman candle kit! Total 8 pieces up to 40 shots with funnny multi-effect.
M4006 MEGA MILLIONS CANDLE 5 12/3 0.025 5 shots---Super giant silver comet.  5 shots---Super giant red comet.  5 shots---Super giant gold comet.
M6003 GOLD STAR SPARKLER _ 4/25/4 0.020 Very cute gold 5-star sparkler. Let's light up your party night!
M6004 GLOW IN THE DARK SPARKLER 10" _ 3/72/5 0.022 Cool glow sparklers sparking in the night!
M6005 JUMBO FIREHEAD PUNK _ 200/3 0.026 Big firehead, easy to ignite fuse, safe handheld part, long last duration up to 45 minutes! 
M7001 TWISTED FLOWER _ 20/19/4 0.035 Spinning as red, green and yellow flowers.
M7003 COLOR CRACKLING BALL _ 20/13/6 0.039 Awesome crackling balls with red, green ,blue colors!  
M7006 RUN COOL BOY _ 10/22/6 0.017 Start as a spinner then fly skyward rapidly with
a zipping noise! A super funny run cool boy!!
M7005 CHAMPAGNE PARTY POPPER _ 10/22/6 0.081 Emits colorful paper streamers. Pull it and get
M7007 FLASHWIND BLOOM _ 60/20 0.022 New effect ground bloom with giant silver flower then a color spinning.
M9001 GHOST BUSTER 100pcs   100/100 0.037 Loud bang waterproof firecrackers. 100 pieces in one box!
M9002 GHOST BUSTER 50pcs   100/50 0.019 Loud bang waterproof firecrackers. 50 pieces in one box!
M9004 BIG FUSE CRACKER   48/3 0.050 Cool big fuse cracker! 
M9005 HANGMAN EYEBALLS   30/2 0.032 Funny and loud eyeball cracker for scare prank!
M9006 GASCAN CRACKER   24/2 0.016 Powerful gascan shape cracker. 2 pieces in one bag.
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